Choose to be your best 

Healthy weight is not just about looking your best and fitting into your skinny jeans.  While that can certainly be motivating for some people, the deeper benefits of maintaining a healthy weight are far more valulable. It's about being your best self and having more energy to fully participate in your life!


80% of weight loss results are due to diet alone.

There are many factors that go into weight loss, and it is well accepted that the calories in calories out mantra is oversimplified and outdated. However, nutrition is of the utmost importance, and you can't out exercise a bad diet.

Lauren will work with you to come up with a personalized protocol that fits into your life and works with your body and tastes!


Detoxification and metabolism are key.

Many people struggle with calorie counting, low carb, or low fat diets because their hormones are imbalanced or they are so saturated with toxins from medications, environmental chemicals, and normal metabolites. 

Fat is the primary storage places for these toxins, and it protects us from them by taking them out of circulation. Weight loss without detoxification is not likely to succeed because the body will hang onto that fat buffer as long as it can to protect you from toxic exposure.

In addition to nutritional detoxification, weight loss packages include free use of vibration plates with each visit.


With a personalized plan and personal accountability, you WILL succeed!

If you choose to commit to your weight loss goals and work with Lauren personally, you will work together to come up with a protocol aligned with your health goals as well as your lifestyle and food preferences.

We will check in weekly to review menu plans and discuss your unique challenges whether they are emotional, psychological, or more physical as in energy, metabolism, or cravings.

1 month comprehensive packages start at just $350, with discounts available for Remedy members! Contact for details.