eMatrix acne treatment and scarring review

By Dr. Davin Lim, March 23, 2016

eMatrix is a form of acne scar revision does not use laser, but uses radiofrequency energy to remodel collagen and scars. The pulse of energy is delivered via a fractional technique into the deeper layers of skin. Energy and heat breaks down the scar tissue, with minimal damage to the upper layers of skin. This process is gentle, and has very little, if any downtime. eMatrix can be used as a stand-alone treatment for certain types or acne scars, or it can be combined with anti-acne treatments – this is known as the acne free RF program. This is how I incorporate eMatrix in my practice. For skin rejuvenation I do believe there are other device that give better results than eMatrix- even at high energy settings. 

eMatrix radiofrequency- THE FACTS
Fractional RF does not use damaging laser energy

RF or RadioFrequency uses gentle radiowaves to heat the deeper layers of the skin where acne scars lie

Dermal heating changes collagen, thus improving scars

This treatment can be combined with anti- acne treatments
RadioFrquency is best for mild to moderate scarring- especially rolling and mild box car scars

eMatrix Fractional RadioFrequency requires 3-4 sessions for best results

After each RF treatment the skin is red for a period of 12- 48 hours
eMatrix is best for early scars, namely scars less than 4 months old, however in higher settings it can improve old acne scars

eMatrix treatment can be used for all acne scars, in all skin types and scar types however it is ideally suited for certain types of acne scarring including-

Early acne scars (less than 3 -6 months old) 

Acne scars such as mild rolling, atrophic and box car scars, as well as open pores (note INFINI RF is much better for open pores)

eMatrix can also be used on active acne, zits, pustules, pimples, cysts and blackheads. Heat energy via RF can destroy oil glands and bacteria causing pimples, at the same time, heat remodels acne scars and collagen. 

How is fractional skin rejuvenation with radiofrequency different from laser?

Laser uses heat, light and energy to ablate the skin, whilst fractional RF uses radiowaves to heat the collagen under the skin. Lasers must first penetrate the upper layers of the skin to hit the scars that lie in the deep dermal layers. This means that lasers must first ablate (defined as a controlled thermal burn) the top layer before passing into the deeper layer. 

Radiofrequency or RF uses radiowaves that flow between electrodes placed on your skin’s surface. This creates controlled heating, in turn tightening and fixing old collagen. 

Does this mean that RF is better than lasers?

NO! This does not mean than RF is better than laser for the treatment of acne scars. In my opinion eMatrix has defined role in my practice. RF is ideal for -

Early acne scars (less than 3 -6 months old) 

Rolling scars and mild box car scars (can have modest improvement of ice pick, box car and tethered scars) 

Scars in darker skin patients- ideal for Asian skin or darker

Acne scar revision in patients who can not have downtime- skin heals up within 48 hours with even high settings of RadioFrequency treatment

How many treatments will it take?

Like all other fractional devices, including Fraxel laser ™and Profractional Erbium, patients will require 3-5 treatments for the best results. The extent of improvement will depend on several factors including-

1.What type of acne scars you have
2.How your scars respond to RadioFrequency
3.How old your acne scarring is
4.Your skin type (colour)
5.Power settings, and over laps of eMatrix

By Dr. Davin Lim