Supplement Superheros!

Why Supplements? 
In a perfectly ideal world, we could easily obtain all the nutrition we need by eating locally sourced organic food. Unfortunately, over years of industrial agriculture, our soils have been stripped of many nutrients vital to health. In addition, most of our produce is sprayed, picked when it is not ripe, and transported great distances to make it our plates. We can also eat anything we want in virtually any season!

When these considerations are paired with the fact that we are overburdened by toxins from just about every angle, it is easy to understand that we may need some additional support to optimize our nutrition and rev up the detox process  Supplements can help us fill in those gaps. What's more, the right supplements can help us adapt to dietary and lifestyle consistencies and clear out toxins so they don't end up accumulating in our bodies and creating dysfunction and disease. 

Since we believe that nutrition is the best medicine and supplements are important for support, we've decided to share our favorites with you. These supplements are champions of health. They will save the day and help you restore balance, energy, and vitality in your body. They are safe for (just about) everyone to consume regularly; many of them are common deficiencies or substances necessary for healthy function.

Without further ado here's our supplement superstars, THE SUPER SEVEN

  • B complex- Did you know there is a whole group of B vitamins that are essential to health? The B vitamins include B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12. The B group is involved in thousands of processes in the body including digestion, metabolism, energy, vision, mental acuity, nerve function, etc. B vitamins are a common deficiency mostly because we have strayed away from the highest sources of them (such as organ meat) in our diet.  B vitamins are depleted by a diet high in sugar, refined starch, and alcohol. Deficiency can show up in many ways; fatigue, weakness, cloudy thinking, numbness, and digestive difficulties are just a few. So, in short, you can assume you are at least borderline deficient in some of the B vitamins. Taking a good B-complex, or better receiving a B vitamin injection series can really get you moving in the right direction in your energy and health.
  • Magnesium- Magnesium is a common deficiency. It is also depleted by stress and dietary imbalance, and who doesn't have those? Magnesium promotes energy, calms the nerves, promotes sound sleep, regulates the pumping function of the arteries, calms aches and pains, eases constipation, helps prevent migraines. The form of magnesium (glysinate, citrate, etc.) is important for helping you achieve your goals; different forms are more oriented to supporting the digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems. 
  • Probiotic- Probiotics (and prebiotics) are essential for maintaining the diversity and appropriate population size in the microbiome and promoting overall digestive health. We recommend a multi-strain probiotic with at least 30 million CFU or a spore-based probiotic. Probiotics come in many forms and if you're feeling your digestive system could use a boost its a good idea to take a good quality one for 30-60 days. Ideally you want to support your body with the great fermented foods and build your immune system but after any illness or going on anti-biotics its vital to rebuild and balance your micro-biome. 
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil- Omega 3's have a host of cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and anti-inflammatory effects. They also support joint and skeletal health, benefit the immune system,  promote healthy skin and hair. In the body, the omega 3:6 ratio is specifically important for cardiovascular health. As a culture, we are commonly excess in Omega-6 and deficient in Omega-3 as a result of our diet. In addition to reducing inflammation, supplementing with Omega -3 can help to re-balance this ratio. 
  • Vitamin D- Vitamin D is actually a hormone that affects thousands of genes in the body. It is vital for bone health, strengthening muscles, immune support,  and cardiovascular health. It is almost impossible to get all the Vitamin D you need from food. You can make up the balance with (cautious) sun exposure and a regular low dose Vitamin D supplement.
  • Digestive Enzyme- Digestive enzymes do exactly what the name suggests. They help you digest your food and utilize nutrients more efficiently. Not everyone needs digestive enzymes, some people are blessed with a robust and healthy microbiome. If you fall outside of this category and have loose stools, floating stools, trouble digesting fat or protein, undigested food in your stool, constipation, gas, bloating, or any combination of the above, a digestive enzyme may really be a gamechanger for you. 
  • Adaptogen Blend-  Adaptogens are this unique category of herbs that are designed to do whatever the body needs to restore homeostasis or balance. They are amazing friends for people who have high stress, emotional instability, and sleep problems and are a general nervous system protectant for the general population. Some common adaptogens are Holy Basil, Milky Oat Tops, Schisandra, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, even Ginseng. 

Supplement Quality

Getting a high quality, Third Party Inspected supplement is SO, SO important.
Why? Because it is easy to put just about anything into those little capsules you swallow down a few times a day. To cut corners or save money supplement companies can use fillers of all sorts and you may only be getting a small percentage of what the bottle says you are! If your supplement is not quality tested and you have a reaction, it is hard to differentiate if the supplement, incorrect dosing, or a potential filler is causing the reaction. 

If you are interested in ordering the SUPER SEVEN, customizing a supplement regime to your unique needs, r have more specific health concerns, I am glad to have a Wellness Consult to customize your supplement list. After that, we can set you up an account and order your basic supplements to be delivered to your door with no confusion or hassle on your part!

In health, 
Kelly Sheridan