Stop worrying.  Have fun.  Be happy.  Jump out of bed and enjoy being you today.  Engage.  Why?  Because this is it. Every day.  Every moment.  This is your chance.  If you need help, if you need to find your motivation, if you need to pick a direction, if you need to learn some new skills, then do.  Whatever it takes.  Whatever it takes to succeed at being you.  This is yours.  Claim it.  Stop worrying about consequences and what people perceive you to be.  Yes their perception of you matters; it determines what opportunities you will have, but it does no good to worry about or identify with their perceptions because it is not who you are.  You will never get this time back.  You won't get this life back.  No matter how bad you are at it, do it.  No matter where you are or what you have done up until this point,  Give up ego, give up attachment to looking good and feeling great about it...that is not how anything or anyone looks or feels at the beginning.  Every moment be present, lead, reach, achieve.  Celebrate what you have to bring to this lifetime.  Succeed.  You are a warrior.  Stop blaming everything else, everyone else; see the truth; face reality.  It's time.  Come up with a plan or wing it.  Do what makes sense or follow your intuition, but do something.  Stop sitting out, picking out the things that are wrong, looking at the wounds, the hurt, the ways that aren't working.  No one is going to give you any of it.  There are no rules.  You owe nothing to life.  Life owes nothing to you.  Now go get it.  Be a creator, because that is what you are. Work hard, love.  Wake up and love life, yourself, get close to people, fill yourself up with moments and wonder.  Life is full of suffering and things that don't work out.  That is okay.  It's not because you're doing it wrong.  It's because that is the nature of being human.  Use your talents, skills, passions, joys, loves.  whatever you need to orient you--lists, rewards-- just create something.  Remember what you love, be whomever you want to be, but don't fake it.  Learn to be yourself.  It's your gift to this world, and the only thing you have.  Just be happy.  No one else is going to do it for you and you won't get another chance.  Stop putting it off, stop waiting, stop saying you will have another shot and take the one you have.