One integrated system.

Functional medicine is a patient centered, whole body approach to medical care. Your genetics, history, lifestyle choices, and environmental exposure create a  complex latticework of interwoven elements that directly influence your health. In many instances, the root of disharmony in the body can be uncovered by examining these elements closely. From there, a personalized plan including nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and supplement protocols backed by research will be designed to help bring your body back into balance again. Making the choice to uncover the root causes of your health concerns and address the imbalance is a powerful choice towards health; it creates a tangible path towards, happiness, health, and vitality in your future.



Functional medicine relies on an extensive client examination combined with laboratory and diagnostic techniques to uncover the root causes of your body system imbalance.

Although our commitment to your health is the primary determining factor in your healing process, the relationship that is forged between you and your practitioner is an integral part of your care. You can expect to answer questions in relation to your diet, digestion, sleep, stress, family upbringing, environmental exposure, and lifestyle. Responding to these questions with detail, clarity, and openness provides a wealth of information that will directly influence your treatment plan. 

Functional lab testing is also an important part of your initial care.  Testing provides objective evidence about how your digestive, cardiometabolic, endocrine, and detoxifications systems are functioning and provides your practitioner with the necessary data to create an informed plan of action.  



Functional medicine is individualized care. Your treatment plan will take into account  the results of your lab testing, personal history, chief complaint, and report of the symptoms you are currently experiencing; it will be totally unique to you. 

Nutrition, movement, and mindfulness practice are the most important components of functional medicine treatment. Together, these areas lay the  foundation for lasting health.

In order for your treatment to be as effective as possible, you should be prepared to make the dietary and lifestyle changes recommended to you. You can view this as a reconstruction of sorts; it will require you to learn healthy habits and behaviors on a regular basis. Your dedication to this process will create a new order and harmony for your body. 


Remove and Restore

Complex cases, chronic disease, and major dysregulation often necessitate a carefully constructed plan of care and focused treatment strategy.  In these types of cases, there will often be several phases in the course of treatment.

The primary phase of treatment aims to remove bacteria, infection, and/or pathogens. In subsequent phases, the intent of treatment is to balance dysregulated body systems and restore health to the body. Specific supplements and herbal medicines will be recommended in each phase of treatment to help accomplish treatment goals. 

Generally, more complex cases take longer to treat.  If you commit to the process, functional medicine will help you feel better from the inside out. So be gentle with yourself, enjoy the ups and downs of your health evolution, and feel confident that you are moving towards a more radiant and vibrant wellbeing for your future self.